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Database Management Software – A Must for All Companies

The list comprises some of the best available free open source database management software available in the market.

Project management software, financial software, and other database management software are categorized under this category.

This is a trendy open-source tool for database management software with multiple features such as auto backup, integrated outlook integration, SQL backup/restore, simple data extraction from HTML files, ability to work in different databases across the organization, ability to run on MS SQL server 2021/ Windows 2021/ Linux. It can be easily installed and uninstalled on any computer, as it comes with different user interfaces. It has a user-friendly interface, and there is no need to install any complicated drivers. In case of any doubt, free trials are available on their official website.

This is a best-suited solution for small and medium scale businesses to store and manage their large database.

The data room software can be done with this application’s help, which helps in the easy maintenance of data. It offers data backup and allows for efficient data management. It enables the use of the MS Access database for data storage and provides an easy way to update information. The data can be retrieved from any computer by just typing the relevant data in any text boxes.

This is a project-specific tool for database management software with multi-user online access.

It can help in online data cleansing, e-mail security and spam filter, data cleansing, and membership management system. This effectively cleans your database from unwanted data, removes duplicate rows, fixes all kinds of typos and bugs, and speeds up database performance. It can be used as a membership manager with multiple users in a project, and it offers fast data access. It can be used as a project time planner, a database and reports aggregator, an e-mail client, a project tracking system, and a time and cost accurate reporting tool.

This is database management software designed to maintain your electronic health records (EHR).

It allows you to record each patient in your organization with the provision of permissions. It can provide you with a secure, convenient, and user-friendly method to manage your electronic health records. It can manage individual records, groups, and an entire office’s records with a single application.

This is software for database manager installed on servers or workstations.

It helps centralize and manage a large number of databases through a centralized data administration. This system effectively controls all the essential services of a company like distribution of customer records, employee records, technical support ticketing, order tracking, employee self-service, and much more. It allows you to access all the databases and files without making any changes to the database.

This is an essential type of database management system.

It manages large organizations’ financial and HR data. The main advantage of using this software is to improve the company’s efficiency and cuts down on the cost. It allows the use of an organized filing system, enabling the easy retrieval of data and file whenever required.

This is database management software that helps you with data migration and data cleanse.

It helps you with data migration, wherein you transfer data from one platform to another. Through data cleansing, you can get your old data converted into new data without losing any data. Data cleansing is performed once a month, which is a very convenient process for most companies. Through data migration, you can gain access to new data and old data whenever you need it, and this software implementation enables you to do so.